Spotlight — The American Tapes: Tales of Immigration


We are delighted to spotlight Louis Hock’s The American Tapes: Tales of Immigration (2013), a four-part series that revisits the life and and times of four families last portrayed as “undocumented” immigrants in his 1986 Mexican Tapes series.

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“Most people think of immigration as a finite moment; but as a story it really spans several generations and two nations. My production, The American Tapes: Tales of Immigration, depicts this broad view by expanding the time frame of my 1978-86 work, The Mexican Tapes: A Chronicle of Life Outside the Law. The new work of four one-hour episodes affords an intimate and long-term reflection on the life and times of four extended families from Mexico, during the interval from 1986 to the present, most going from “undocumented” to citizenship status.”
— Louis Hock (2014)

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