Video Data Bank at the 47th International Film Festival Rotterdam


This month, Video Data Bank continues its longstanding collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). The 47th edition of the Festival runs January 24th through February 4th, 2017, and VDB Director Abina Manning will be in attendance until January 28th. She can be contacted at Please join us for the following special events at the festival:

Originals: DINAMO Distributor’s Screening
Saturday, January 27th, 5:30 pm, KINO 4

VDB will collaborate with international colleagues in the Distribution Network of Artists’ Moving Image Organizations (DINAMO) to present the program Originals, a collaborative showcase of video art and experimental film. VDB’s contribution will be Sara Magenheimer‘s MICKRYS (2011), a video about two fictional characters, as in letters, and two fictional characters, as in anthropomorphised mice, falling in love. Sara Magenheimer will be in attendance at Saturday’s screening.


Black & White: DINAMO Distributor’s Screening
Sunday, January 28th, 4:45 pm, KINO 4

VDB will also collaborate with DINAMO colleagues to present the program Black & White. Sadie Benning‘s Living Inside will screen alongside other experimental media works.


Perspectives: Pan-African Cinema Today
Thursday, January 25th, 8:00pm, KINO 4
Friday, January 26th, 12:00pm, KINO 3
Friday, January 26th, 5:30pm, Cinerama 5
Sunday, January 28th, 12.00pm, KINO 3

A multifaceted contemporary African and African-diaspora cinema with special focus on the history of the Pan-African movement as captured in film, featuring Ephraim Asili‘s Fluid Frontiers (2017). The fifth and final film in an ongoing series of films exploring Asili’s personal relationship to the African Diaspora. Shot along the Detroit River, it explores the relationship between concepts of resistance and liberation exemplified by the Underground Railroad, Broadside Press, and artworks of local Detroit Artists.


Bright Future: Memory Palaces
Thursday, January 25th, 8:00pm, KINO 4
Friday, January 26th, 12.00pm, KINO 3

Memories make us who we are. These filmmakers open up perspectives that allow us to come to terms with our memories, hold on to them or bring them back to life. Sky Hopinka‘s Anti-Objects, or Space Without Path or Boundary (2017) takes inspiration from the ideas of the architect Kengo Kuma, who suggests looking at everything as “interconnected and intertwined”, the filmmaker weaves connections to the Chinookan people who inhabited the land around Portland with audio tapes of one of the last speakers of chinuk wawa, the Chinookan creole.


Bright Future: Commodity Culture
Saturday, January 27th, 2:00pm, Cinerama 2
Sunday, January 28th, 1.45pm, KINO 4

Commodification is the transformation of goods, services, ideas and people into objects of trade. Some things ought not to be treated as commodities – education, information, data, knowledge and art. Deception emerges as the central theme in Sara Magenheimer’s video Art and Theft (2017) that grapples with the constructed nature of storytelling. As a deer raids a house, a playful collage of images on theft taken from paintings, the internet and film history distract us from the maliciousness of the act of stealing.


Bright Future: Sunstone, Louis Henderson and Filipa César
Saturday, January 27th, 5.00pm, Cinerama 2
Monday, January 29th, 3.00pm, KINO 3

Incorporating 16mm celluloid images, digital desktop captures and 3D CGI, Sunstone explores how optical technologies of military and colonial design – from lighthouse Fresnel lenses to global satellite navigation systems – both inform and are informed by Western models of knowledge.


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