Vito Acconci 1940-2017


All of us at Video Data Bank mourn the death of artist Vito Acconci, who died on April 28th. In celebration of Acconci’s career we have made his 1983 interview with VDB founders Lyn Blumenthal and Kate Horsfield available to stream online for free.

In this interview, Vito Acconci analyzes his artistic output, ranging from early poetic work through to his architecture, pulling attention away from sensationalist readings and back to his basic concerns regarding the productive and critical role of art. Acconci offers critical perspective of the personal and public contexts of his work. Major works from many phases of his production are presented in this discussion (Following Piece, Seedbed, Claim, Reception Room, and Instant House). Within the dialogue, Acconci tracks variations in his approaches to the roles of power, body, physical space, and the private/public divide within his art. He also evaluates the ways in which the movements of conceptualism and process art entered his practice.

A historical interview originally recorded in 1983 and re-edited in 2004 with support from the Lyn Blumenthal Memorial Fund.

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