Video Data Bank at the 46th International Film Festival Rotterdam


This month, Video Data Bank continues its longstanding collaboration with the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR). The 46th edition of the Festival runs January 25th through February 5th, 2016, with VDB Director Abina Manning in attendance. Please join us for the following special events at the festival:

Borderless and Black & White: DiNAMO Distributor’s Screenings
Black & White Saturday 28th, 3.30-5.08pm
Borderless Sunday 29th, 4.00-5.48pm
Cinema Location: Kino 4
justVDB will collaborate with international colleagues in the Distribution Network of Artists’ Moving Image Organizations (DiNAMO) to present two programs Borderless and Black & White, a collaborative showcase of works that play with issues of border crossing, permeability, and race. VDB is excited to include Joon Soo Ha‘s Just (2002) in Borderless, through a process of degeneration of both sound and image, Just endows the iconic American flag with new context and implication. Ezra Wube‘s Amora (2009) will screen as part of Black & White. This stop action animation is performed and documented directly from life to embrace the present.

2017 Bright Future Short Film Selection: Up Close and Out of Reach
Sunday 29th, 8.15-21.29pm
Monday 30th, 4.00-5.14pm
Cinema Location: Kino 4

Welcome to David Wojnarowicz Week, Steve Reinke
Reinke proposes a new holiday with the motto MORE RAGE LESS DISGUST: David Wojnarowicz Week and takes us through his seven days of celebration.

2017 Bright Future Short Film Selection: Language, Gestures, Movements
Saturday 28th, 4.00-5.10pm
Cinema Location: Cinerama 2
Monday 30th, 2.00-3.10pm
Cinema Location: Kino 4

See a Dog, Hear a Dog, Jesse McLean
Taking its title from a sound design maxim and using it as a conceit to grasp the desire for connection, See A Dog, Hear A Dog probes the limits and possibilities of communication.

2017 Bright Future Short Film Selection: Cardinal Directions
Friday 27th, 8.00-7.09pm
Cinema Location: Cinerama 2
Sunday 29th, 11.30-12.39pm
Cinema Location: Kino 4

The Sea is History, Louis Henderson
The film is a materialist and animist critique of the monumentalization of European colonial history, reading the past instead as something intimately entangled within the present — as a living and mutational thing made up of the living and the dead.

Other VDB artists featured at IFFR include Rosa BarbaeteamKevin Jerome Everson, Mike Hoolboom, Nicolas Provost, Jayce Salloum, Semiconductor, and Matt Wolf.  Huge congratulations to all those who will be featured in competition and thematic programming throughout the festival!

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