VDB Asks… Sara Magenheimer


Sara Magenheimer is an artist based in New York. Recent exhibitions include Interstate Projects, 247365 Gallery, Cleopatra’s, Brooklyn, and Chapter (New York), Document Gallery (Chicago), and Futura (Prague, Czech Republic). Recent screenings include the Ann Arbor Film Festival (Michigan); Images Festival (Toronto), the New York Film Festival, The Kitchen, Brooklyn Academy of Music (New York), Portland Museum of Modern Art (Oregon), and the Living Art Museum (Reykjavik, Iceland).  Her collaborative project  Bloopers received commissions from Triple Canopy and EMPAC, at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She was the recipient of a 2014 Rema Hort Mann Foundation Grant, an Artadia Grant, and winner of the Prix De Varti at the 2015 Ann Arbor Film Festival.

In 2015 VDB is thrilled to welcome Sara Magenheimer into the collection as a new artist and to place into distribution six of the artists works: One Vast Focus (2011), Nothing Comes from Talking (But Sound) (2012), Seven Signs that Mean Silence (2013), Which Arbitrary Thing Are You (2014), The Rhythm of Plain White (2014), Slow Zoom Long Pause (2015). To celebrate our collaboration with the artist VDB sat down to ask her a few questions about her practice.

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