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America is Hard to See: VDB works in inaugural exhibition of the new Whitney Museum


For many years Video Data Bank has been proud to work with the Whitney Museum of American Art on the acquisition of significant works of media art for the institution’s permanent collection.  The Whitney Museum will open at its new location on May 1st, 2015, in a building that the New York Times calls “a deft, serious achievement, a signal contribution to downtown and the city’s changing cultural landscape.”  To celebrate the start of its new era, the museum will showcase the wealth of its collection with an “unprecedented selection of works” from the renowned permanent archive, an exhibition titled America is Hard to See.

“Setting forth a distinctly new narrative, America Is Hard to See presents fresh perspectives on the Whitney’s collection and reflects upon art in the United States with over 600 works by some 400 artists, spanning the period from about 1900 to the present. The exhibition—its title is taken from a poem by Robert Frost and also used by the filmmaker Emile de Antonio for one of his political documentaries—is the most ambitious display to date of the Whitney’s collection.”

The new Whitney Museum, New York

The new Whitney Museum, New York

We are thrilled to announce that four Video Data Bank works, now part of the Whitney Museum permanent collection, will be included in this inaugural showcase. America Is Hard To See is organized into 23 thematic chapters, each of which is named for a work in that section. Suzanne Lacy‘s Learn Where the Meat Comes From (1976) and Hermine Freed‘s Art Herstory (1974) will be screened in a chapter of the exhibition named for Lacy’s video. This gallery includes videos and other works of the era that consider the body, gender, conceptual and process art, including works by VDB artists Vito Acconci, Eleanor Antin, Lynda Benglis, Peter Campus, and Joan Jonas.

Walid Raad‘s The Dead Weight of a Quarrel Hangs (1999) and Yvonne Rainer‘s Five Easy Pieces (1969) will also be part of the exhibition.  The works will be included in a screening series presented in the Museum’s new theater space on select days over the five month run of the show.  The full schedule will soon be published on